Simplicity itself

innovation through simplicity


Our Philosophy


Complexity is the silent killer of delivering the right software, or change, at the right time; it is singly responsibly for killing many good ideas and companies. A focus on simplicity is the answer, but simplicity is not easy.

Through our techniques and practices, I help software delivery organisations and teams ensure their solutions are as simple as possible while not missing the mark by over-simplifying."
Russ Miles, Formation of Simplicity Itself, 2013.

Our Team


We are a partnership of strategic software delivery consultants who strive to enable our clients to deliver valuable change.

  • Russell Miles

    “An expert is someone who has succeeded in making decisions and judgements simpler; through knowing what to pay attention to and what to ignore” – Edward de Bono, “Simplicity”, 1998

    Russ Miles is a Principal Consultant with Simplicity Itself and he works with his clients to help deliver simple and valuable software and change.

  • David Dawson

    With 8 years experience, crossing banking, utilities, retail, virtualisation, from low latency messaging to rich web clients, David is a technical architect, development process expert and highly productive software developer.

    He implements automation, gives mentoring and delivers process improvement.