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    Microservices and Reactive
    from the Trusted Experts

    Simplicity Itself are working with Enterprises to enable the benefits of

    architecting software using Reactive principles and Microservices

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    “Cloud Native” advantage
    for your Enterprise

    Taking Enterprise Software to the Cloud is no small challenge.

    Simplicity Itself have the expertise to help you make this a success

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    Polyglot Microservices
    for Everyone

    Building Microservices based architectures is not easy, but the

    Muon ecosystem of libraries makes it as simple as possible.

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    Keynote at Spring eXchange 2014

    Russ Miles, Chief Scientist at Simplicity Itself, is giving a keynote on next generation architectures for the Spring eXchange conference in London

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    Keynote and proud sponsors of MuCon 2014

    Russ Miles, Chief Scientist at Simplicity Itself, is giving the keynote at world’s first conference dedicated to Microservices, MuCon, here in London

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Data Science for
Actionable Insight

Regardless of the size of your data challenge, Simplicity Itself are the right experts to help you make the most of the current renaissance in data storage and analysis tools.

Let us help you turn your data into your advantage.

Microservices and Reactive

Enterprise Technology Experts

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Simplicity Itself works with industry experts and innovative companies


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