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Supercharged HTTP-based Microservice Testing with Betamax

May 26, 2014 pm31 12:33 pm

Yawn… That pretty much sums up doing functional testing for microservices where you’re pulling data feeds from an external system. No matter how fast you’d like things to... (more)

Simplicity in Grails Design – All Hail the Command Object

April 21, 2013 pm30 12:30 pm

This is a follow on to Simplicity in Web Architecture – Beware the Stateless Service In that article, I gave my opinion on the Stateless Service programming model,... (more)

The Future of Grails

April 18, 2013 pm30 12:21 pm

This is a response to a blog post by Peter Ledbrook on his blog In it he asks about the future of Grails (and links to a recent... (more)