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Your software systems need to evolve as fast as your business needs them to in order to stay ahead of the competition. This need is only increasing.The challenge is that our software is getting bigger and more complex. In order to keep things evolving quickly a different approach is needed: this approach is commonly called microservices.The microservices approach allows you to break up a software system into a set of separately evolving services that embrace change, rather than resist it. We apply a 3 stage process to Microservice development.

 Step 1 – Understanding Change

Given that change and speed of software evolution is so critical, why is it that so much software becomes a millstone around yourself and your team’s next, leading to you dreading the next inevitable change that’s needed? For over 10 years, focus has been consistently applied to helping us work in a more agile and adaptable fashion, with far less focus on how to create software that thrives in an agile environment.

Making software that can continue to change is intentional, not a by product.


Step 2 – Prepare the Ground


Before starting a Microservices project, you need to do some setup of your technology and development processes to suit the new, rapid and effective delivery capability your are building. This covers Deployment, Monitoring, Service Discovery, API Management and Continuous Delivery. Once this is done, you have the ability to develop effectively using a Microservices architecture and are ready to start development.


Step 3 – Develop at Sustained Speed

As the saying goes with great power comes great responsibility. Simply because you have the ability to develop with Microservices, does not mean that you should start that way.  By this time, you will require a development process, deployment and monitoring infrastructure to be able to create and destroy new Microservices at will. The decision must be led by your knowledge of the change pressures on your codebase.


Building Microservices

We provide tools, training and consultancy to help you understand change and give you success in starting your Microservices project.


Mastering Microservices

Setting up sustained innovation can be hard. We can help you choose and apply technologies, design and development techniques to fully master Microservices.

We can bootstrap, guide and accelerate your Microservices project

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We are a consultancy and project delivery company head-quartered in the UK and operating primarily in Europe, the Middle East and North America. We specialise in architecting, designing and building software that handles change. This leads us to our expertise in Microservices, which we pair with our Data Science practice and feeds our especially effective Learning and training solutions.

We deliver large scale data and event focused applications, often using Microservices. We have researched and developed innovative methods and techniques in both data oriented and Microservice architectures. We take this experience and research and have built training, consultancy and work based learning systems for our clients to access outside of our delivery projects. Check Our Services for more information on what we do.


Management Team

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Learning Innovation

Tell me and I’ll forget
show me and I may remember
involve me and I’ll understand

The process of learning is not as simple as often assumed. 3 days and a fat slide deck aren’t enough to embed knowledge so that it will be retained for the long term.  While this format is suitable for a project bootstrap, if you want to ensure your organisation is sustainably improving, a more holistic process of learning is needed.

We have invested heavily into researching the most effective method of learning. By identifying best practices from across the worlds of academia, technology and other industry sectors, we construct courses and extended learning engagements that give greater retention of information and so give an improved return on investment.

We call this process Adaptive Learning, and we can demonstrate to you how it can improve your return on investment.

While all of our training and learning services contain this investment, we have specific products that leverage this capability in particular industry sectors and using particular technologies.


Introduction – Adaptive 

Graduate Schemes

Learning during a Graduate Scheme is fairly extended, needs a broader range of subjects and above all must be deeply embedded with the work the Graduates are intended to move onto.
We provide services that permit monitoring of individuals, assessing their needs and providing training, mentoring and interactive feedback loops over months to give the highest quality, deep learning needed to give highly effective, motivated employees.
We can help you create or improve a Graduate Scheme in areas of technology, development process and personal development and we are happy to blend internal expertise into the monitoring and feedback framework we construct and run for you.


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